Personalized bed

Particularly in these tough times, when we are compelled to stay at residence, lots of people decide to renovate or rejuvenate their house. Most on-line stores function perfectly, so you can quickly complete all the products required for the transformation of your own bed room. Do you like healthy dinner in bed options?

The king of the sleeping area is, obviously, the bed. Have you currently visited a thousand online shops, considered all the ready-made services and there was constantly something wrong? As well as it's too wide/small, short/long, the headboard entirely out of tune with the design of your house - we understand these troubles from our clients' testimonials. Consequently, we meet your expectations as well as develop a bed especially for you!

What can you select when configuring the bed?

personalized furniture bed

The arrangements are numerous! Beginning with the width of the bed, readjusting it to the dimension of your room as well as your very own needs.

Bed measurements

We have as many as 6 bed sizes: 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 centimeters and also 200 centimeters. We occurred to make a bed for a British mattress with a width of 150 centimeters.

The length of the bed is additionally conventional 200 centimeters. Here we likewise need to our credit an unusual layout of a bed, 250 cm long.

The frame of your bed

An additional element is the structure of your dream bed. You can choose it upholstered with various materials, or an actual wood oak structure - strong and also excellent quality. We make use of top notch glued oak planks, which show far better strength residential or commercial properties than solid wood.

Concerned concerning sharp edges on the framework? We specifically sand the wood to make it smooth therefore that standing or sitting down does not expose you to unneeded abrasions.

The elevation of the wood structure can additionally vary - 15, 20 or 30 cm high. It all depends on whether you would certainly like it to be essentially noticeable, and also whether you've opted for a variation with a bed linens container or not.

Bed linen container in the bed

That's. A bedding container is a very essential thing. In a lot of houses where room is limited, storage space always comes in useful. The container can be used to hide seasonal quilts, yet additionally bags, bags or garments for the following season.

The benefit of our bed with a bedding container is that the container is almost unseen. It stands directly on the floor, but 20 centimeters far from the bed structure, so to see it, you need to look below:-RRB-.

The bed hinges on strong oak legs. They, as well, can be of various heights: 10 or 15 centimeters high, and if you have actually selected a variation of the bed with a container, you can either ignore them altogether or choose the 10-centimeter ones. The legs are very stable and also sturdy.

Framework of tailored bed

Each of our beds is outfitted with a structure. The basic structure has 34 slats, we also have a 48 slat structure choice, which varies in that the slats are set more detailed with each other, which provides more security and toughness. If you have a heavy cushion, we recommend the 48-leaf option.

Wondering about the color of the head board? At Berke, you can select from greater than 200 shades and fabric structures. We have lots of tones of shade as well as many material textures to offer, from velour to linen-like weaves to the appearance of all-natural wool, so we make certain you'll pick something to match your preference. You have to be fragrant to go to bed. We recommend that you read the feromony opinie. If the pictures don't convince you, we offer you the possibility to get material examples, which makes it very easy to select the ideal one how to open a locked car door.

If there is something we have not detailed here that is your desire remedy, nothing easier - write to us!:-RRB- We have the ability to understand virtually any idea. You are welcome!

We have as lots of as 6 bed sizes: 100 centimeters, 120 centimeters, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 centimeters and also 200 cm. We occurred to make a bed for a British bed mattress with a size of 150 centimeters. Another aspect is the frame of your desire bed. They, too, can be of different elevations: 10 or 15 cm high, and also if you have determined on a variation of the bed with a container, you can either dispense with them entirely or select the 10-centimeter ones. Each of our beds is outfitted with a framework.